In January 2007 a few friends started up the cultural non-profit organisation, named 'The Geuzes of Old Beersel".

We are a group of enthusiasts who promote the lambic beers and protect their traditions. Each month, the members meet each other for while instructive but pleasant activities, ranging from seminars of the history of lambic beers to blending our own Geuze. The life of true bon vivants...

The traditional lambic beers are part of our cultural heritage and make proof of our rich history.

In 'The Geuzes of Old Beersel", our active members participate in working groups, including the guide pool for brewery visits, the curators of the museum and helping hands on our activities and those of brewery "Oud Beersel".
Visitors discover the wonderful world of spontaneous fermentation and members get actively involved with the ins and outs of a dynamic lambic brewery.

Feel the interest bubbling up? Then check out further our website.
You are welcome to participate on our activities and to visit our brewery-museum.

We wish you lots of Geuze-fun!

The board of "The Geuzes of Old Beersel"